Posted 5 days ago

K Missing Kings film which is after the series that will premiere in Japan on july but in America we can see it earlier at the Anime Expo, just a few days earlier though. There is a site just dedicated to K Missing Kings and it has a count down, the web site is #anime #k #kproject #like

Posted 1 week ago

Dbz battle of gods is now Licensed in USA, this means one step closer to a dub, that’s i all the news I got for now, thank you all for your support. #anime #dbz#dragonballz

Posted 2 weeks ago

J stars victory is now available, many site are available for you to order so you can get the best deal, that’s all the news for this week, thank you very much fans and see ya next week #anime #jstarsvictory

Posted 3 weeks ago

Space dandy is confirmed to have a second season in the summer, the premiere of black lagoon on toonami is on tonight. Enjoy #anime

Posted 1 month ago

Ultimate ninja storm revolution, has something new, it’s not clear yet but there will be a mecha-naruto, from the images it seems really cool, even way more than naruto wearing goku’s costume. Special costumes for the akatsuki as well. Back to Mecha-naruto that abilities of this character is most of naruto and kurama’s (nine tails)powers, other abilities are, Rocket Rasengan, and the mecha version of the Tailed Beast Ball. #anime #naruto #narutoshippuden

Posted 1 month ago

People always have problems with spoilers, but spoilers are not against the law, so how are people going to stop sites like Naruto Channel, well if there is a request be the publisher, it can be shut down. So if you have a spoiler site, you just got to let the higher authorities know about it. #naruto #narutoshippuden

Posted 1 month ago

Toriko slot is going to be taking over by dragon ball Kai, buu saga in Japan, hopefully it comes back, this time I didn’t find out what people said about this #anime #dbz

Posted 2 months ago

Gun Gale Online, season 2 of sword art online, as you can see the person on the right is the star, so what happened to Kirito, or is that Kirito and he decided to be a girl in the game? These are the questions that fans of SAO ask, but it’s not SAO anymore it’s GGO, It’s unclear about the rest if the details, the truth is non of it is confirmed right now. #anime #sao

Posted 2 months ago

Black Lagoon comes too toonami on march 22nd, they revealed this in the last toonami block, don’t forget you can ask toonami questions on tumblr. If you want ultrafreak to have anime on the website, you can direct message or comment the anime you want (short series only, for now) or if you want my to have a block on TV like toonami, you can tell me so I can show the channel that I can pull ratings. #anime #blacklagoon

Posted 2 months ago

The Ghost in the shell live action movie not getting good news and in controversy, a director of a Disney movie directed it, the prediction is that fans just might not like it but only one way to find out. #anime